SOG Powerlock EOD 2.0 V-cutter Review

Let me start out by saying this is the best multi tool that I have ever used. The SOG Powerlock EOD 2.0 with V-cutter far surpassed my expectations. The plier has gearing which makes it much easier to cut thicker gauge wire. If you find yourself needing to cut fencing this is the multi tool you’ll want. Trying to cut wire with other multi tools is beyond a pain and a workout for your hand.

I love that each feature in the handle locks into place when in use. Not all multi tools for sale these days have locking accessories. I also like that the accessories have a cover to keep them securely in the handle until needed. No more having to deal with accessory items wanting to fall out well using the pliers.  I have used just about every accessory on it and they all work great. The knife blade is very sharp. It is half serrated so some people might not like that but I do. The serration comes in very handy at times. The saw works amazingly well. It is a much better design than most saws you find on multi tools. The philips and flat head screwdriver tips are actually usable. I have the ballistic sheath which I really like. It easily clips on a thick leather belt. I’m not sure of the quality of the leather sheath but I have to believe it is made as well as anything else SOG makes.

Here is SOG’s description for the Powerlock EOD 2.0 with V-cutter:

“Using the proven PowerLock chassis, SOG is the only company to apply Compound Leverage™ technology to EOD(Explosive Ordnance Disposal). This makes it a breeze to crimp blasting caps and demolition cord with less hand pressure. Another unique SOG feature is the positioning of the crimper device within the confines of the handle…not in the plier jaw, like all other designs. This serves to minimize collateral damage to the crimper and allows the operator to have full use of the uninterrupted plier surface. Additionally there is no weakening of the pliers that often causes breakage of the plier tips. The crimper produces non-flaring, high pull out strength crimps that meet government fuse well specifications. It is also GSA approved. The multi tool includes the V-Cutter, which can be used to cut seat belts, paracord, fishing line, electrical cable sheathing and much more!”

Here are the specs:

Overall Length 7″ 17.78 cm Closed Length 4.60″ 11.68 cm
Product Weight 9.60 oz 272.16 g Product Type Multi-Tool
Country of Origin Assembled in
the USA
Engravable Yes
Finish Black Oxide Tool Count 22
Lanyard Hole Yes Packaging Unibox – Display Ready
Sheath Included Yes Sheath Color Dark Brown
Sheath Details Ballistic Nylon (Material), Secure Clip (Attachment), Hook & Loop (Closure), Leather (Material), Belt Through Loop (Attachment), Snap (Closure) Blade Steel Type 420
Handle Material 420 Stainless Steel Hardness Rc. 51-53
Lock Blades Yes Lock Tools Yes
1/2 Serrated Blade Yes 1/4″ Drive Yes
3-Sided File Yes Awl Yes
Blasting Cap Crimper Yes Bolt Grip Channel Yes
Bottle Opener Yes Can Opener Yes
Hard Wire Cutter Yes Large Flat Screwdriver Yes
Medium Flat Screwdriver Yes Needle Nose Pliers Yes
Philips Screwdriver Yes Ruler Yes
Small Flat Screwdriver Yes Wire Crimper Yes
Wood Saw Yes

If you are looking for, or in need of a good multi tool then I highly recommend this one. It would be a great addition to your EDC, bug out bag, 72 hour emergency bag, vehicle glove box, tool box or anywhere else you think that a good multi tool would come in handy. I always have mine on me, even when I’m lightweight backpacking. It’s worth its weight. I just leave the sheath at home and stick it in a pocket that snaps. It’s too valuable to lose it because I didn’t have it secured. So go ahead and buy one! You can thank me later. If you already have one, what are your likes or dislikes about this multi tool?

6 thoughts on “SOG Powerlock EOD 2.0 V-cutter Review

  1. I have the leatherman Wave. I like the multi tool for its sturdy and solid design. Its attachments lock into place as well and it is a real workhorse. It is “stainless steel” though. I use the ” ” because every tool/knife i have ever had that was called stainless steel, including the wave, seems to not actually be stainless steel…unless you clean it after each and every use.

    I am wondering about the black oxide coating. My spyderco tenacious has the black oxide coating on the blade and i love it. I never have to worry about rust or any of that, and in my opinion, its more attractive than the traditional “shiny” metal tools. Of course, it is also more discreet as black doesnt stick out quite as much as the metallic color.

    My question for you is this, and i know i am long winded…but is this multi tool as solid, well built, and useful as the Wave? I realize you may not have ever used the wave, but i like the looks of this multi tool for edc. Let me know. Thanks.


    • I have not used a wave personally but I have used some of leathermans products and they are good quality but I prefer this SOG much more. It is very sturdy and well made. I also love the gearing feature which makes cutting so much easier and like you I much prefer the black oxide over stainless. If you are looking to buy another multi tool you would not be disappointed in this one at all. I hope this helps and feel free to ask me any further questions you might have.

      • I appreciate it. I have read some comments on Amazon about the “arms” that cover the tools on the sides being kind of a pain in the rear. Whats your take on that?

      • I haven’t had any trouble with mine. I bought one for my brother the same time I got mine and he loves his to. He hasn’t mentioned any problems either. I personally like the covers but again I haven’t had any trouble with mine.

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