Homemade Mosquito and Tick Repellant

I love the wilderness dearly, but like most I get tired of getting eaten alive. I get bit even when no one else is being bitten! I’m always looking for natural bug repellants because I don’t like spraying pesticides on my body or clothing and especially not on my kids. My wife and I have tried many natural remedies and well some sort of work, none have worked for me. I’m special that way. The other week I came across a recipe for a natural tick and mosquito repellant that seems to work very well. I can’t remember where I got the recipe from or I would give the site credit. Good thing I wrote the recipe down! So I thought that I would share my findings.


2 Cups of Distilled Vinegar
1 Cup of Water
20 Drops of Essential Oil

*Spray on skin, clothing and hair every 4 hours or as needed.

By adding essential oils you won’t smell like vinegar all day. We used peppermint essential oil because it is a natural repellant for ticks and mosquitoes. You can choose whatever essential oil that you would like but any type of mint or citrus essential oils would work great since they are natural repellants for ticks and mosquitoes. Mix everything together and place in a spray bottle or multiple pump spray bottles. So far this mixture works well for me and does better than any store bought spray. It is much more comforting to know that what I am spraying on my children and on me is not going to harm them or me. Try this recipe out and let me know how it works for you. What natural bug repellants do you use? How well do they work for you? Thanks for reading and please let me know if this helps you fend off the bugs this year.

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