Quick Tip #3

For an easy fire starting kit place a small lighter (like a bic minny) and a tea light candle in a baggy or plastic wrap. Just stick the kit in your bag or pocket. When you’re ready to start a fire just grab some kindling, larger sticks and some small logs or thicker sticks. Now just set the candle down and light it with the lighter and start adding kindling and then twigs. As the fire starts to get going add sticks until you have the desired size fire. The candle is great because it has a long burning time which gives you plenty of time to get a fire going. This is a great starter fire kit for those just starting out learning how to start simple fires. This kit will give you a better chance at not failing to start a fire. This is just one of many ways of starting a fire. Try to practice and learn as many different ways as possible to start a fire. The more skills you learn and know, the better off and safer you’ll be in the wilderness.

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