Quick Tip #2

A straw can be used for so much more than just a straw. You want to use a brand new unused straw. Crimp one end of the straw and melt it with a lighter.  Now either fill the straw full of antibiotic ointment, a cotton ball soaked in either Vaseline or antibiotic ointment, an emergency fishing kit, a sewing kit, spices or anything else you can think of. Now just crimp the other end where you want the straw cut, then cut and melt it. To make the kit reusable, just cut the second end of the piece of straw extra long and fold it over. Cut another piece of the straw and slide it over the folded end. Having it reusable is perfect for spices. You can make these as small or as large as you want and they will fit in any size survival kit.

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